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International Press Release, 2011, Oct. 18

Industry Group Launches Li-Fi Consortium™ to Promote Optical Wireless Communications


New Alternative to Wireless Gigabit RF Can Deliver Superior Connection Speed, Safety and Security



(October 18, 2011, Oyslebo, Norway) In response to consumer demand for ever-faster wireless connectivity, an international group of technology innovators have formed the Li-Fi Consortium. The Consortium’s mission is to promote new high-speed optical wireless usage models both indoors and outdoors. The Li-Fi Consortium provides resources for OEM and ODM developers to create exciting new products. With the emergence of high-speed cable connections like Thunderbolt and USB 3.0, the stage is set for a wireless equivalent. While Wi-Fi is very popular for pervasive 100+ Mbit/s service, multi-Gigabit short-range optical wireless interconnects provide an alternative to the proposed WiGig Gigabit RF solution.


Some of the advantages of optical wireless communications include: a) scalability to 10+ Gbits/s; b) a wide variety of beaming angles and distances; c) no spectrum license required; d) high physical link security; e) no RF interference; and f) no possible harmful RF radiation (see WHO classification). The technology is ideal for wireless docking, data links with kiosks and mobile displays, medium-range beaming, data showers and optical cellular networks. Users will be able to enjoy a wireless RF-free user environment with data rates that can transfer a 2-hour HDTV video in less than 30 seconds and wirelessly link their bus-connected heavy-lifting peripheral cabinets located elsewhere in the room.


According to Walter Kraus, chairman of the Li-Fi Consortium “We are already immersed in a sea of RF pollution, and pushing RF technology beyond its natural domain makes no sense. With a set of powerful Gigabit-class optical wireless technologies along with biologically safe mobile device RF shielding from our members, developers can build communication products with unprecedented performance, flexibility and safety.”


One of the first implementations anticipated for optical wireless communications is for wireless docking in conjunction with wireless charging pads. Users would simply set their smartphone or tablet down onto the charging pad and the optical link would be established to the attached docking port replicator within moments.


About the Li-Fi Consortium


The Li-Fi Consortium is an international non-profit industry association, which raises the awareness of optical wireless communication technologies and the new user paradigms they empower. The founding members of the Li-Fi Consortium are Fraunhofer IPMS, Germany, IBSENtelecom, Norway, Supreme Architecture, Israel/USA and TriLumina, USA.




Walter Kraus

Chairman – Li-Fi Consortium


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